5 ways I keep my energy levels up on busy days!

5 ways I keep my energy levels up on busy days!

Being a fashion stylist is a buuusssssy job! On shoots people ask me all the time, ” What do you actually do and how does it actuuuaaally work, like how do you get aaaaalll these clothes?!” I’ll be going into the details in a vlog in the future, but lets just say for now – it’s  A LOT of leg work!

So as you can imagine it’s really important with my job that I keep my energy levels up- especially when I’m overseeing shoots and running around town to and from events!

Thing is, in the modern world we live in, you don’t need to be a fashion stylist to have a busy and physical lifestyle,

Whether you have a busy schedule you need to stay on top of or would simply like to know how to give your energy levels a boost, here are my 5 tips for you!



Sleep (obviously!)

I always feel my best when I’ve gotten my 7 hours of sleep a night. If you also work in nightlife like me, try and sneak in some cheeky naps during the day. Post lunch is when you will find me curled up on the sofa with my chihuahua, Prince Knox, phone on plane mode…. and no guilt! i would rather loose 30 mins to a power nap then continue at a 50% pace!


Cut out the booze (as much as you can!)

I know it’s a long shot but I always feel so much better (especially the next morning) when I just stick to water at work events. Cutting back will help you have much more energy the next day. If you cant resist the temptation, having soda water as a mixer keeps you hydrated through out the evening. And don’t forget that glass of water before bed…. and to wake up and down another!


Organic food

I try to stick to a healthy eating plan and choose organic as much as I can. When I’m overseeing shoots or styling sessions for my clients, I try and make sure that we order healthy options for the team. The BOOM awards celebrate what’s currently happening in the organic market, to show your support and vote in the nations favourite, click here!

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I try and fit in my yoga workouts at least a few times a week to help me relax and release any tension. I simply lay out a mat in my lounge and follow a youtube tutorial, i don’t have time to make it to classes, so i put on meditation music, light a scented candle and create a health spa feel in my home!

When I stick to my routines I find that I feel a lot better about myself and my energy levels are higher. Don’t miss that workout !

Even a good dancing session at the weekend with my friends can feel like a work out!

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Keep your mind right

I know it sounds easy to say, but reducing the amount of worry and stress in your life will actually free up a lot of energy! It’s amazing how much of our energy we waste worrying about things! I try to spend a few mins before bed relaxing and letting go of anything that I’m fretting over. My phone is put away, and i think about all the things I’m grateful for and all the exciting things i want to achieve the next day!