HIYA SEA PUNK! #AlexisLoves

Who spotted princess fierce Lady Gaga werqing mermaid elegance at my beloved VMAs?

Or were you too shocked by her nakedness to admire the amazing shell bra?  Well fear not, here is a piccie to jog your memories:
2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Then a week later, Lady Gaga whipped out this absolutely fierce diamond shell bra with a similar flowery thong for the iTunes festival yesterday. Its major, i’m mad for it and i’m hoping this will mean  ‘sea punk’ is raising its sleepy internet trend head…..


The shell bra is a fashion moment classic! A few years ago, i donned a shell bra and rocked some mermaid chic to host the notorious fashion club night Circus owned by the epic Jodie Harsh, my favourite disco sister!

To complete the look, I paired it with this beautiful pink scale dress from my special super amaze designer friend Emma Bell!
alexis bra

My pink fluffy bag is so cute and never goes out of fashion as its Prada sweetie daaaahhhling, it is a perfect  investment as it goes with ANYTHING!


Here’s the fabulous Titus Groan, another epic party pal of mine, werqing the same scale dress. Clearly the mermaid trend is perfect for all genders, sizes and styles!!


Here are some other snaps taken from that catwalk show S/S09 that Emma and I collaborated on, i had the fun of doing her art direction and styling, it was a real chance to do something TO THE MAX!!!!

emma1 emma2 emma3 emma4

I love Emma Bell, her clothes are so colourful and unique. Check back later for another post on Emma Bell or keep your eyes peeled for her next out of this world collaboration!


If you are inspired by the return of the mermaid, have a little peruse on Ebay and Amazon who sell all shapes and colours of shell bras.


shell 2



Or if you want to werq the shell bra fancy dress style, make sure you go all out and fully embrace  your inner mermaid. Ebay has some amazing costumes:






Ariel from the Little Mermaid is definitely a style icon… But if wearing shells on your boobs is a bit too much for a trip to Tescos then check out Not a Hope in Hell ‘sea punk’ t-shirts

sea punk

http://www.notahopeinhell.com/collections/t-shirts/products/seapunk-oversized-tee £32

I’d pair the tee with my holographic leggings from Hussein Chalayan trousers, to ensure the outfit oozes style rather than a complete fancy dress-esque vibe.


Here is me werqing the leggings with this awesome Maria K E Fisher crop top!



A more affordable option are these epic holographic leggings from Cyber Dog!


http://shop.cyberdog.net/cyber-legging-3d-vinyl/p1793 £60

I promise they will look major on a night out and super eye-catching on the dancefloor! What do you Babez think? Will you be styling the mermaid trend?!