#AlexisAdventures in BERLIN with Huawei’s Mate8!





We all know I love traveling and we all know i love documenting my adventures with the freshest selfie, so when mobile phone brand Huawei invited me to Berlin’s Soho House for the launch of the Huawei Mate 8 with Lagerfeld muse Baptiste Giabiconi,

I was very excited to learn more!


We met our lovely transfer driver at the airport after a fashionable jet setter early start time of 4am ( I’ve got so practiced at getting the first flight of the day!) and he took us the the brilliant Radisson Blu Hotel Berlin where I was to stay for the night. What you might not know about the hotel is that it has a GIGANTIC aquarium which my gorgeous bedroom looked out onto!


I had a shock when i pulled back the curtains to be met eye to eye with a scuba diver!


So after i freshened up i headed down to meet the mega lush Huawei team, they took me to the WorkLife HUB which ties seamlessly into the Mate 8 ideology of fusing work with life. Its a space for start ups and innovators, exactly what the Mate 8 supports on the go! Being young, focused, and driven it seems to be the perfect device to support an emerging entrepreneur in today’s modern image led, social media world!

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 17.08.35

Talking about on the go, I was so ready to get out and explore Berlin with my Mate 8, which blew my mind with its two day battery life!!!! AAAAAND its skin optimizing camera…. literally everything i need in a phone, something that wont run out whilst I’m trying to capture that perfect selfie!


Before i knew it it was evening time and time to head to Soho House, for the official launch with a panel discussion featuring model, musician and long time team Lagerfeld collaborator Baptiste Giabiconi alongside Agnes Uhereczky, co-founder of WorkLife HUB and workplace transformation specialist, Yatan Blumenthal Vargas, co-founder of HARDWARE.co community and James Laird, Editor at Lifehacker UK.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 17.08.48

Their insights were a great look into the understanding of a work-life balance, something that we all struggle with in some capacity and how the Mate 8 can facilitate this….

Now I’ve got to resist wanting to collect all four colours!