#AlexisAdventures to #Fashtag.. Behind The Scenes

After the fabulous chaos that surrounded the Miley Cyrus Notion magazine (out now!!) pictures that I styled, #Fashtag invited me to present a feature for their YouTube channel on ‘How To Get The Miley Look’.

WAHOO Preview of my shoot wt main girl @mileycyrus & @notionMagazine #MileyCyrus #alexisknoxstyling

#Fashtag are an up and coming fashion YouTube channel showing you how to get celebrity looks and fashion tips, all for free at the touch of a YouTube button!


I LOVE presenting, so this was the perfect opportunity to hop back in front of the camera and talk about topics i could chat about ALL DAAAY: Fashion, twerking and Miley Cyrus!


I’m guessing you all want some behind the scenes exclusives.. the look was based around the amazing looks ive seen Miley rock, she her self has a great sense of style and an amazing styling team, we see all our faves… crop tops, showing off a whole lotta leg and a load of bling. The model, Charlie, was amazing, with her personal fave item being the Rihanna for River Island skirt.

My first look was Miley Cyrus daytime: I LOVE it!!


The whole outfit is very Miley esque,  particularly the ASOS shorts which are perfect for twerking,  due to the tassels which will add even more attention to your fierce maneuvers. The crop tee from Alex Christopher http://alexchristopher.co.uk/ has a hint of Miley with the cheeky slogan ‘Better the Devil You Know’, which can show off your naughty side a la Miley. The accessories really vamp up the outfit with the leg lengthening New Look chunky heels, a very on trend beanie and the hoops and bracelets which add some glamour and a colour pop.

photo (50)

The daytime clothes on the rail are fierce with my fave being the Bambi and Manson short shorts which are hugely on trend with the tie dye and the studs. There will be no fashion ‘no no’s’ when you wear them as they are stylish to the max! The tasseled crop top from Jennifer Hope is perfect for whatever size you are, as the tassels hide any wobbly tummy bits which is ideal!



The evening look for Miley is MAJOR and i can really imagine her twerking in this:



The outfit is amazing for the dancefloor or for dinner and drinks, as the skirt especially is very sophisticated and flattering. It’s from Rihanna for River Island (check out my previous blog post on this collection) and is ideal for any shape as it sucks you in whilst highlighting your curves and thigh with the cheeky split. I paired it with this Versace inspired crop top from Illustrated People, creating a fierce on trend monochrome look.

The New Look strappy heels add a huge splash of colour, but also bring further glamour to this night time outfit coupled with the silver hoops and bangles, which are classic Miley. The flat cap from UNIF is part of the new ‘ghetto fab’ trend that was apparent at the VMAs (previous link) and which Miley channels all the time.. Babez, the flat cap and the ghetto look is here to stay!

photo (51)

The nighttime outfits on the rail are are sticking with our crop top and skirts theme. Patterns, digital prints and matching crop tops and skirts are very on trend and very now, particularly if they are paired with huge bling!


As I am sure you have spotted, there are plenty more clothes and shoes on that Miley rack but never fear all the details are here:


Look 1:

Crop Top- Alex Christopher http://www.eachtotheirown.co.uk/womens/alex-christopher/better-the-devil-crop-top-white.html  £30

Denim Shorts- ASOS Denim  http://www.asos.com/ASOS/ASOS-Denim-Shorts-with-Extreme-Fringing/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=2858457&cid=10851&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=Blue £38

Beanie-  Mayada Khammu- Young Blood Collection

Heels- New Look http://www.newlook.com/shop/shoe-gallery/view-all-shoes/black-chunky-high-vamp-platform-sandals_287792301 £29.99

Friendship Bracelet- Claires Accessories

Gold Hoops- Gogo Philip

Bracelets- Claires Accessories


Look 2:

Crop Top- Illustrated People https://illustratedpeople.com/products/womens-crop-tops/thug-life £22.50

Skirt- Rihanna for River Island

Heels- New Look http://www.newlook.com/shop/shoe-gallery/view-all-shoes/red-ankle-strap-heel-sandals-_283604060 £17.99

Cap- UNIF http://unifclothing.com/womens/accessories/trapout $52

Silver Hoops- Claires Accessories

Bangles- Dalston Market

Clothes on the rail:

photo (41)

Black scribble shorts- Lazy Oaf http://www.lazyoaf.com/womens-shorts/c22_221/p2834/lazy-oaf-x-nasty-gal-scribble-denim-shorts/product_info.html £55

Multicoloured studded shorts- Bambi and Manson http://www.bambiandmanson.co.uk/shop/shorts?page=2

Black and purple shorts- Evil Twin http://eviltwinthelabel.com/#


photo (42)

Black crop top with bees- Urban Renewal http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/category.jsp?_DARGS=/urban/catalog/common/highlited_itemcount.jsp_A&_DAV=true&itemCount=60&navCount=7&navAction=poppushpush&popId=WOMENS&pushId=WOMENS_APPAREL&id=W_APP_RENEWAL&urgw

Paris New York Milan vest- Miss Selfridge http://www.missselfridge.com/en/msuk/product/clothing-299047/tops-299061/printed-tees-vests-299224/paris-ny-milan-tee-1977441?refinements=category~%5b392005%7c208044%5d&bi=1&ps=40 £20

Tiger leotard- Mee Mee http://www.meemee.com/tiger-printed-body.html £15

photo (43)

Multi-coloured crop top- Auria x Margot Bowman http://www.margotbowman.com/2012/07/18/auria-x-margot-bowman-swimwear-ss13/

Ragged Priest Vest- Ragged Priest http://www.theraggedpriest.com/browse-womens.html?p=2

Boss t-shirt- Illustrated People http://illustratedpeople.com/products/womens-t-shirts/boss?nosto=category-suggested £40

Trapout Fuc Vest- UNIF http://unifclothing.com/womens/tees

photo (44)

Zombie beanie- Killstar http://www.killstar.com/products/zombie-beanie-b £14.99

Ragged beanie- Ragged Priest http://www.theraggedpriest.com/browse-womens.html

White beanie- Beachfield

Thrift shop flatcap- Z Hats http://www.zhats.com/#

Camo cap- Hardware London

Studded black cap- Ginge London http://www.gingelondon.com/products/Basic-Range-3-1.html

photo (45)

White Sandals- Office http://www.office.co.uk/view/product/office_catalog/2,30/1347710060 £39.99

White studded heels- Office http://www.office.co.uk/view/search?search=Ladies+Heels+DRP1&COLOUR=White

Leopard Print heels- Iron Fist http://www.ironfist.co.uk/shop/product/9328/iron-fist-climbing-trees-platform-bootie-leopard

Suede heels- New Look http://www.newlook.com/shop/shoe-gallery_10005

Black sandals- ASOS


I am mad for #Fashtags video and the outfits for ‘Get The Miley Look’, what do you all think? Make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/alexisknox