#AlexisLoves Designer Daniel Palillo

Over the years, the fashion gender divide has become less and less rigid, and we’re now able to style things up to suit how we like to dress (stealing clothes from your boyfriend’s wardrobe has never been more fun, right?!) Do you ever come across a collection and go “I NEED that in my life!!”? Of course, you’ll get the odd piece here and there, but seriously I want this entire collection. Yes, I’m aware that it’s menswear, but still!

Introducing “The Trip” by Daniel Palillo – it’s a colourful, vibrant, cartoon-tribal mash-up that looks like the inside of a crazy dream. It is said to be inspired by tourist merchandise, global marketplaces, oriental fabrics and Palillo’s home city of Helsinki (where’s my passport?!)  Amazing collection from an amazing designer. LOVE it babez!

“Another way to travel the Daniel Palillo universe is taking a trip inside one’s mind. It is all about blurring the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction, or seeing and experiencing many parallel realities in one.”

Daniel Palillo The Trip




Any menswear designers you’re loving at the moment?