#AlexisLoves Drop Dead!!

An absolute treat arrived in the post this ┬ámorning.. Hello Drop Dead’s new lookbook of Summer 13!


It is a visual delight.. SO much colour and attitude: I LOVE IT!

Drop Dead is an urban punk gothic mens and womenswear label who have just created such epic clothes for this season that i had to show you my fave pictures from their lookbook!

Check these out of this world piccies! WARNING: be prepared for colour!!


dd6 dd7

dd1 dd3 dd4 dd5


How much do you want to be in Drop Dead’s gang?!

Drop Dead have also jumped on board the blossoming beauty trend of coloured eyebrows…

Have a little BROWSe of these celebs who have also been fans: Lady Gaga and Cara Delevingne.

lady-gaga-green-eyebrows (1)



If you want to take eyebrow art to even further extremes, check out these examples from Australian Fashion Week in 2010. Would you ever fancy the BIRDen of these brows?! LOLZ…