#AlexisLOVES Mikill Pane at The Diner!! <3

As you all may know, i have a unbelievably huge, mad never ending love for burgers… You may be wondering where this blog post is going. Bear with!

I was working at my desk at Fort Knox, when suddenly on what was a rather mundane Monday afternoon, the burger god shone down on me and look what arrived in the office for Notion Magazine!!!

photo (18)

The package was from The Diner, which is a epic burger chain who make a mighty amazing burger.. Here’s their menu to whet your tastebuds!


And what’s more they deliver!! So when you have that huge random craving for a good ole hamburger, fear not, The Diner is here!

Anyway, this was inside the package…

photo (19)

A ‘Mikill Pane’ jerk chicken burger in a Rinkoff bun, jack cheese, advocados, mango salsa and green tomatoes designed by rapper Mikill Pane himself to celebrate the launch of his debut album ‘Blame Miss Barclay’. You can even download his latest single ‘Roll On’ from ‘The Diner’ Facebook page:


A double whammy of treats!

Once i saw what was in the package, this happened..

photo (20)

OMG YUM is all i can say to describe that!! Thank you so much The Diner!!