#AlexisLoves Cartoon Heroes!

We are the cartoon heroes, (ooh-woah-oh!) Remember that song?! I’ve been told I’m a bit like a cartoon myself, and the truth is – I love it! Why wouldn’t anyone want to be a fun, colourful, version of themself?! Look, here I am actually drawn as a cartoon by the lovely Simon Fortin LOLZ!


Cool huh?! My style inspiration ranges from celebs, to photos I’ve seen, to things about London – but my early love for all things cyber came straight from cartoons I’ve seen over the years!

jestonsThey had the perfect mix of 60’s retro and space-age style- AND they had their own space ship! Come on, is it any wonder they’re my number one cartoon style heroes?!

she-raOMG I loved She-Ra growing up! She is the Princess of Power for He-Man’s sake! I always wanted those gold boots and guurrrll, she sure knows how to werq a head piece! What a babe! PS: She also had her own unicorn #jealous!

barbieYou can’t have a list of cartoon style heroes and not include Barbie! Imagine how big her wardrobe is?! She has an outfit for every occasion!

powerpuffgirlsSo much love for the PowerPuff Girls – the co-ord outfits and bows are so cute! But I also LOVE “Him” from PPG!! The red, the feathers, the cocktails – oh and he’s definitely werqing those over the knee boots!!  A cartoon villain, but 100% a cartoon style hero!

misspiggyOk, technically not a cartoon – but Miss Piggy has never been short of style on our screen! With a whole lot of sass and the wardrobe to go with it, she’s a force to be reckoned with!

Who are your Cartoon Style Heroes?