Change your life at Good Vibes #AlexisLoves


Something i haven’t really ever talked about, but is so important to maintaining your career as a stylist, is WELL BEING.

Fashion styling is a very physical career, lifting, dragging, carrying heavy loads, standing for long hours in cold locations are all part and parcel of the working life, including the long hours and never ending go go go!

I think it goes to say for most, that this is modern life! That often, self maintenance gets replaced with quick fix rewards,such as a boozy night out, an extra half hour over slept in bed, or a well deserved burger!

None of these things are crime, far from it – they are gifts of life, but over the years I’ve learnt that there are many things i can do to avoid getting into a position of constant damage repair,

by instead focusing on my general routine of well being, heath and happiness.

And this is where Good Vibes in London came in to change my life!

Good Vibes isn’t just any old fitness studio. GV’s focus is creating positive, fun and thoughtful exercise creates, that concentrate on the balance and well being of your mind as well as your body.


The first thing that attracted me to Good Vibes, i must admit, are the Power Plates.

Power Plates are an incredible invention, basically a vibrating platform that you do a variety of exercises , but because you are vibrating, your muscle control is working three times harder, causing them to contract and relax 30 – 50 times a second!

Good Vibes offers regular classes on power plates focusing on everything from you bum and tum to general fitness, they break down fat cells, improve circulation, flexibility and metabolism and reduces the time i need to spend exercising – classes are 25 minutes!

So when i started at Good Vibes Power Plates i was in love with them!

Three classes a week for three weeks and i didn’t even recognise my toosh any more…. it was reaching for the stars hahaha!

But with the stresses of life and that pesky Mercury in Retrograde, with the guidance from the incredible Nahid, owner of GVS, that along side the exercise of a Power Plate, I also needed to pause, and take regular moments in my life to gain balance, clarity and centering, and this is where my yoga journey began!


Nahids message was so clear and positive;

“Fitness is more than achieving an ideal body shape, it is all about managing changes in your life while staying emotionally resilient. You only get one body so the Good Vibes message it to respect it, live fully in it and enjoy it!”


In our one to one sessions Nahid taught me how to focus on centering myself, my thoughts, and my breathing. To learn how to read and feel my entire body, learning how to hold myself and to let myself stretch, expand and to keep my body flowing continually. I focused on stretching and balance, imagining myself breathing from all my organs including me skin.


Inspired from our one to ones i then continued on a path of daily yoga classes. At first i was surprised at the emotions i felt expelling from my body, but after three days the emotional body had seemed to find its rhythm. After two months of regular classes i’ve learnt ways to begin my days with clarity, centering myself in the moment ready to take on the day!


GVS also offers many other therapies, I jumped at the just to try one of the facials from renowned facialist Nichola Joss.

She practised therapies on my face that act as a natural face lift! BRILLIANT!


For my yoga i choose to wear Hanro of Switzerland.

Hanro is a brand worn by most of Hollywood… remember when Marilyn Monroe flashed her knickers in the white dress moment… well they were Hanro…and if its good enough for Marilyn its good enough for me!

Hanro’s yoga wear are made from a wonderfully soft blend of micro-modal and elastane in a single jersey knit, making me feel completely at ease in my own skin. And what better way to feel when you want to conquer the world!

Thank you to all the staff at Good Vibes for a truly special journey <3