Cher Lloyd; Outfit Credits part1

So I’ve had the great excitement & pleasure of working with and styling the absolutely lovely Cher Lloyd! 
It’s so nice to see the amazing support Cher has from her Brats, 
& I’ve been getting lots of messages from Brats wanting to know who’s designed 
Cher’s clothes,
 So here is a blog post about some of my favourite outfits so far!
You may have seen this Twit Pic taken at a promo shoot day we had, the girls at OK! blogged about it adding this lazy Oaf t shirt to their Christmas Lists. 
The bunny glasses are from my props archive, I bought them in Camden! And the necklace is a Quartz crystal vintage pendant.

Tshirt : Lazy Oaf 
Glasses & Necklase : Alexis Knox Archive
A couple of shots by photographer Elliot Morgan, got leaked on line, so you will have to hold on to see the rest! But above is the leaked outfit!

Jumper: LauraLaura from Laden Showroom
Shoes: Rocky & Candy from Schuh
Here is Cher at her performance for BRMB in Birmingham

Jumpsuit  : Horace
Belt : Topshop
Shoes  : Schuh
Cher did a cute Christmas interview for Heat magazine last week in which she wore this Motel dress… which is now in the sale, bargain!

Dress : Motel
So for this special occasion of course it needed to be a special dress, and who better than my dearest friend designer Emma Bell!
Me & Emma have had LOTS of work adventures together from 3 seasons in London Fashion Week, 
to Vienna Fashion Week,  to Working on exhibitions together that Emma curated, 
and even doing a fashion show in New York 
for charity Designers Against Aids!!! Busy girls!

  You can visit Emma Bells web site here : Emma Bell
 The dress is a really cute print which Emma designed and features a London Skyline print and also lots of gingerbread men! 
Cher topped the look off with a Topshop belt and a  pair of her own heels.
 T4 Stars of 2011
Cher performed wearing this cute outfit mixed with designer new and old!

Top : Bernard Chandran
Trousers : Vintage Versace available from Girl Gang

 Girl Gang is an awesome website which mixes designer vintage pieces and
 Girl Gangs original designed pieces! 
i LOVE this vintage combo available from the website… 
so cute!!!!
For her press shots at T4 stars Cher switched her jeans for a pair of 
Firetrap gorgeous metallic red denims!

Jeans : Firetrap
Boots : Schuh

If you go to the Firetrap website you can see al the campaigns I’ve had the fun of styling for them! The latest one features Jade aka Sunday Girl!
Once your done on this page check out the blogs about it!
While we were all in L.A. filming the Want U Back music video , Cher had some pretty ‘EPIC’ NEWS!!!
To celebrate Chers signing with Epics L.A.Reid she wore this super cute teddy bear… 

Jumper by Lazy Oaf

Christmas time!!! And its SBTV CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!
Cher performed ‘Over the Moon’ and my track of the moment ‘Dub on the track’
 Cher wears these awesome bracelets by Swedish brand Milajki
I LOVE Milajki & flew off to Sweden at the beginning of this month to film for their online TV show ‘Milajki Style Factory’ going live February!!!!
You can read about it here :
And finally a still from Cher’s Christmas message to her fans!
Jumper : Fable Available from The Laden Showroom Bricklane