WAHOO Cher’s video for ‘Want U Back’ is out!!!
And as promised here are a few of her looks from the video!
The cover artworks ‘Aaargh’ Necklace is brought to you by Tatty Devine
And her banging tshirt is by one of my favourites Horace
Chers Cinderella sparkly boots in the opening scene of the video are from Schuh!
Cher chilling out , maxin and relaxin in the bath in her Topshop Tshirt!
From the bathroom to the bedroom….
Chers hanging out in her Topshop Cardi & Jeans
and twiddling her Tatty Devine heart lollipop necklace!
OK enough of hanging out in baths and beds its time for a boooogey…..
For this look Cher dons another rad Horace t shirt which I’ve customised by basically chopping it up!
And these spiffing earrings are by Girl Gang! And come in all different colours!
And her necklace
 ( which glows in the dark – but don’t follow the arrows or you’ll be walking in circles… #DadJoke)
And last but least for todays credits blogging…
Cher rocks this absolutely fabulous vintage Lacroix jacket by Girl Gang

I’ll blog next week all the credits for the rest of Cher’s outfits from the Want U Back video! So keep following me on twitter for shout outs!