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A girl can never have too much jewellery right? Worn by the likes of Katy B and Rosie Fortescue, to name a few, Clare Hynes is known for her stunning BEAUT pieces. Clare kindly made me my own CyberWave inspired necklace and I werqed it at the Claire’s Accessories Halloween party with my Babez Hannah Beth from LA and MTV presenter Lilah Parsons.


I got loads of compliments  on the necklace that night because it’s such an eye catching AMAZING piece. I had a quick chat with Clare herself about jewellery, inspiration and what’s next…


Clare Hynes Jewellery


Hi Clare! I love your designs! On your website it says that you studied Graphic Design – how did this turn into jewellery design?
Studying graphic design and typography gave me such good training in the fundamental principles of colour and the positioning of shapes and spacing between letters and objects. When I design say, a layout for a magazine spread, I basically move shapes, spaces, text, colour around the page until the page ‘works’ until all the elements are positioned in a way that’s ‘pleasing to the eye’ or to my eye at least! And I think this is how I work when I’m designing my jewellery. I put all the different elements together, look at the different shapes and spacing and the different colours. Then I often rework and rework pieces until I am happy! I’m only happy when it’s pleasing to my eye and when I feel the piece works when worn and the spacing and shape of it sits well on the body.


What was the first piece that you ever made?
I have made jewellery for years and years, starting out as a hobby. I remember the first piece I ever made was a simple choker made out of leather and a few carefully chosen beads from the bead shop in Brighton. I wore it for months!


Yu Hai Bracelet
What is your favourite piece of jewellery? 
I remember looking through my Nanna’s jewellery box when I was a little girl and discovering this beautiful rhinestone flower brooch. She let me keep it, and I still have it now!


How would you describe  your collection in three words?
Colourful, statement, contemporary


Where do you look for inspiration?
I always look at the catwalk trends, especially for colour ideas. And I find travelling to different cities here in Asia very inspiring, especially Beijing and Seoul in South Korea.

Has your time in China had an effect on your creative process? How does it differ from the UK?
I feel I have more time here to really explore my creativity. And I think my designs have evolved to incorporate the supplies I can get hold of here. As certain materials are more easy to get hold here (and others more difficult), for example all the different colour Chinese threads that I use in my designs, and the large fresh water pearls that I know would be more difficult to get in the UK. Also I have recently found a supplier here that produces stunning  rhinestone crystals in a wonderful range of colours – so watch out for these in my new designs next year!




What is your favourite piece from the current collection?
The Yue Necklace.


Finally, what’s next for Clare Hynes jewellery?
At the moment I make everything myself! But I’m in the process of finalising a workshop here, to assist with the manufacturing of my new designs. This means I will be able to produce higher volumes, which will enable me to sell more wholesale hopefully to shops all around the world!
Alexis Knox Clare Hynes Jewellery
Check out all of Clare’s creations over on her website: http://www.clarehynesjewellery.com/