Dear Santa…..Ferrari 488….

Pic 9

What you might not know about me is that my red nail polish isn’t just ANY red nail polish….it’s Ferrari RED… yes I LOVE Ferrari’s!

And the Ferrari 488 is just one of those cars, that you just HAVE to stop and take in. It’s hot and smouldering in its stance, and I can more than imagine myself cruising down the motorway in one of these bad boys….So Santa….

I promise I’ve been a good girl ;P


Pic 4Style

You can tell this bad boy isn’t just a standard supercar and has been customized and tailored for its owner…The owner definitely has taste, and I’m sure is pleased with the custom work provided by Scuderia car parts.


Pic 1

Custom made

This customized baby has a modified front spoiler, enhancing it’s super stylish and slick look. The sensation of being pressed back into the plush seats, when you hit the gas – is a solid reason to invest in one, Why not! The Scuderia workmanship on the Ferrari 488 is a 10/10. It’s more than visible that with their years of experience, they have managed to craft this beauty.

Pic 2



I love shiny! And there is nothing like a classic glossy black finish. IMAGINE turning up to the club in this motor… literally  would compliment every outfit. A major plus is that black cars are super easy to keep it looking fresh and clean, not that im not handy with a shimmy! or a shammy…. what ever they are called!


This sporty car has some noise when you pump the gas, but it isn’t aggressive like most supercars. It has a high-pitched scream, that can be switched on and off by a handy remote-controlled device…. always nice to make an entrance!

The customised Ferrari 488 is a supercar you want to get your hands on, and if you can get it customised – even better. It won’t be a regrettable purchase, as long as you give it the tender loving care it deserves…. lets just hope my stocking is big enough to fit it in….