Off i trot to Gatwick with my super hot Lulu Guinness suitcase from the super nice guys at Case Luggage
IM IN LOVE WITH IT! i actually want those Lips but on my face…. where my mouth is …. instead of my lips…. not as in plastered all over my face…. any way…. time for its close up!

Me and my partner in grime Alis Pelleschi have been invited by fun time makers easyJet holidays for a girlie short break to check out Amsterdam!

Time for security and you can imagine how much gip these bad boy trainers give me going through security!

That was ‘easy’ (get it?!) all onboard and off we whip to Amsterdam! Before i know it we land in a quicker time than it took me to get to Victoria train station for the Gatwick Express!

Picked up at the airport and wished off to a suitably entitled Westcord Fashion Hotel!

Im very pleased to see that as always I am co-ordinated once I arrive into my bedroom….

My boudoir!

Some nibbles for my arrival! Can you gets what I ate first? well it wasn’t the fruit and it wasn’t the nuts….

So onto my main course and after all that travelling it had to be room service! PIZZA OH YEAH!!!!

And now off to sleep to see what Amsterdam will bring me tomorrow!!!!xXx