Head to Toe in check!

As a stylist and DJ, I’m on my feet pretty much all day from overseeing shoots for my celebrity clients, to going to and from fittings with them. Then of course, there’s the parties I not only host and DJ at but also attend!

So as you can imagine my days can be veeeery long!

Life is all about balance and i really believe in taking care of yourself. As a self employed person, you need to look after your body – after all it is our machine! But also its important to remember… styling is all about the detail. Its such a close contact career, i always have to be in my clients personal space, so i rely on perfume, gum, and hand lotions – i always have my nails done!


But that attention to detail should be from head to toe!

 With such a busy schedule, it’s important for me to make sure that I feel as comfortable as I can when I’m working and take the necessary steps at home to maintain my own well being and appearance…And that starts from the ground up!

Feeling prepared and comfortable helps me deliver my best for my clients, but also gives me peace of mind because I never know when I’m going to need to be red carpet ready in a hurry!

Here are some of my top pics for girls on the go that keep me feeling fierce!!!


Superdrug Foot Cushions £2.99 :These are a life saver if you are wearing heels to an event or are on your feet all day. They fit comfortably into any shoe and really help to minimize any discomfort.

A few times a week at least, I apply Intensive foot lotion (3.49 GBP from Superdrug), (the peppermint in it is really refreshing after a night on the town or a day full of shoots) it’s deeply nourishing and easily absorbed, leaving my feet feeling fabulous.

 Superdrug intensive foot lotion

To help keep my heels looking fabulous and feeling soft I love to use Palmers Heel Repair (4.99 GBP from Superdrug) This treatment comes in a stick and is made with deeply nourishing coco butter, vitamin E and other natural emollients.

 Palmers heel repaid stick

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