Many years ago – well, less emphasis on the many ;P –  When i was about to graduate from my degree, it dawned on me, that this would be my last official ‘summer holidays’ , three months of freedom, until September when student life would start again, except this time, there was no more student time but the big wide world!

The prospect of going into full time employment and submitting a request for my weeks holiday, horrified me, and that was my decision made… i was going to be a freelancer!

Now to become a freelancer is a huge lifestyle decision, its not only your career, it can be an emotional journey as well, with many challenges along the way, so here ive listed things to consider to help you on you journey….

Run your business like a business

Being freelance means that you literally are your own business. Do yourself a massive favor and make sure that you are running it properly. Keep all of your admin in order, all of your documents and paper work up to date and if you are working form home, stick to office hours.



When you are freelance, having a great network of contacts to refer you for work is essential. Make sure that you are regularly attending networking events for your industry. Once you have swapped details, be sure to arrange a coffee or drink to discuss how you can do business together. Most people forget to follow through so you’ll stand out if you do!


Constantly improve

Choose one skill a month to learn or improve. This will give you a huge advantage in your career because you will continually be upgrading your market value.


Your image

As a freelancer, your image is incredibly important. When you walk into an interview or for your first day you are advertising yourself as a business. Make sure that you are portraying the kind of image that will do well in that industry. Also, take a look at your social media and ensure that your image is being managed well via your different channels. It’s a well known fact that potential clients or employers go look people up on social media whilst making their decision.


Manage your money

Being self employed means it is even more important to manage your money properly. Get clear on payment terms, confirm everything in writing and look around for personal loan companies that can help you when there is a bit too much month at the end of your money. Companies like Vivus can help if you need a personal loan to tide you over until pay day.


Showcase your work

Traditional CV’s are out of date. If you want to impress potential clients or employers, give them somewhere to go and look at your work like a face book page, short video or presentation. You’ll instantly stand out above the rest.