So I’m in L.A. With the fabulous Cher Lloyd to style her next music video!
With my suitcase trolley stacked high it’s set to be a fun trip!

At first I was a bit worried about the length of the flight, but when I’d realised I’d already spent 5 hours of the journey chatting Chers makeup artist(& my personal favourite) Adam Burrells ear off…well then I wasn’t worried about the further 8 hours left!

It went pretty cushtily as I donned my flight socks and settled down to a film,or three!

We’ve landed!& we hop in a yellow cab over to Sunset Boulevard to our hotel! Thats me,Adam & Gemma Chers hairdresser!

By the time we got to our hotel it was dark,but the hotel was lovely and I have two double beds in my room-with zebra print covers!its like being at home!

En route to dinner I spy some pretty cool ‘stuff’ so I Instagram the heck out of it….

Um Naked smoothies in a million different flavours-YES PLEASE!

Um Skittles in a million different flavours-YES PLEASE!
I look like this dude from the excitement….

This is the dudes pimp wagon….

So it’s been a looooong day, I have a cool meeting with Parris the amazing Director and it’s off to bed!