Lazy Oaf A/W Accessories Collection

Lazy Oaf has done it again and delivered another AMAZE accessories collection. Here’s the website link to check them out:

There are 8 new eyecatching rucksacks, 8 new hats which are phenomenal (my fav yet) and some fierce new bling to rock. Accessories are essential and can make or break an outfit and these are are a sure fire hit to guarantee an amazing outfit!

Ive chosen my favourite accessories and created an outfit that can werq for either day or night!

lazy oaf 2

lazy oaf 3

This outfit is super cute particularly with this bear hat and the collar pins. It is a very kitsch take on the monochrome trend. I love the addition of the collar pins, they are a great added extra and pop to any outfit. Boxing baggy shorts are a huge up and coming trend so jump ahead of the masses and grab a pair now!!

Lazy Oaf Face It Square Rucksack- £55
Lazy Oaf Bear Bobble Hat- £20
Lazy Oaf Lazy Hoop Earrings- £35
Lazy Oaf Heart Collar Pin Set- £15
Lazy Oaf X Kickers Kick Brogue- £55
Topshop Formal Clean Structured Shirt- £25
Black Blessed Boxing Shorts- 22 Euros