Milan Fashion Week behind the scenes!

So off to Milan I flew to style Sergei Grinko’s On Schedule Milan Fashion week show!
Once I’d settled into my hotel it was off to the fittings and prep before the show!
The location was at an old Military school so there were plenty of soldiers rocking around! As well as this fellow! Specially commissioned by Fashion designer Sergei Grinko the latex clad mannequins were placed amongst the guests seating, to create other wordily presences. 
Backstage Producer Angela prepares the running order boards
We test the smoke for the show, making a spoOooOOoky backstage feeling!
This area was the pre backstage space, where the models queue up and press are welcome backstage after the show for interviews!
Out front singer Viktoira Modesta sound checks for her performance which will close Sergeis show.
After a long day from flying and fittings all we want is a comfy traditional italain dinner so we head of to this wicked restaurant which had the best comfort food ever! oooh yesss….
Back at the hotel i let my hair down and its Zzzzz from me , before an early start for show day styling Sergei Grinkos fashion show!
and models head straight into hair and makeup!
Its all absolutely fabulous backstage and theres no stress or panic!
Whilst the champagne is flowing backstage Viktoria has her rehearsals out front.
The models line up for us to show them how to strut their stuff!
 And its SHOW TIME! SEE MY BLOG BELOW FOR MY FAVOURITE LOOKS! here is a favourite pic of mine if Viktoria performing wearing a stunning Sergei creation!
Feeling very chuffed after a very successful show!
and the main man himself, Sergei Grinko…
After all our hard work and of course it meant food! 
We dined at the Unico 20 floors up in the sky over looking Milan!
 MILAN DAY 3 AND ITS HOME TIME! off i pop to the airport with my
 Lulu Guiness suitcase all packed!
In the airport it was lovely to catch the newspapers reporting Sergeis show!
Can you spot my suitcase arriving?!
And back in time to see The Metro loving a bit of Sergei!!!!!