My Converse bag colaboration

YAYA, I collaborated with Converse to celebrate their Back 2 School range of bags by creating
‘Connie the Converse’
This is how Connie started out before her make-over….

…. And with a little bit of Alexis Luvin

The Connie is born

 Snaps Connie
And a little Q&A
Describe your school style?
Accesorise to the max! I went to a Convent school where the uniform was pretty strict…. a kilt! So it was all about customising to the max with plastic bangles, kids accessories and gweebo bunches!
What was your most coveted item?
I really miss my Shellys 6inch real chunky black platform school shoes!
What band was inspiring your style?
UM SPICE GIRLS OBVS! Every one wanted me to be Baby Spice and all I wanted to do was rock the Scary Spice leopard and camo combos!
What inspired your bag?
Cartoons!  The bag is called Connie, Connie the Converse Duffle!