Presenting for Bjorn Borg & MTV

Bjorn Borg the super fun, super colour, super hot underwear and apparel brand , put on an epic evening inspired by all things Sweden, its home land!
Taking over Battersea Power Station, Bjorn Borg putting on a mesmerising 4-D, YES 4D!!!! show!!!!
Battersea Power station was a Swedish wonderland, with hot tubs… steamy oi oi …..
They loved it JA!!!!
There were performances by I Blame Coco
And… OMG…. ROBYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
“oh hey” and heres me! Through out the night I had the great pleasure of
 LIVE PRESENTING for MTV.COM & the Bjorn Borg ‘s Facebook page ;D
Peace to the left… Peace to the right… 
yes I’m so multitalented 
OOOOH Mr Random Bangle thinks so!
Peacing to the Left with my faulous tv agent Richard Gibb
The absolutely fabulous Mikey Dash …. hair extraodinaire! 
Super star designer Hasan hejazi!
Me mate Asher
Check out the juicy fashion show!
 So that Peace out from me!
Thank you to Year Zero London for  both my fabulous jackets!!!!