Shopping in Amsterdam!

It wouldn’t be a trip if i didn’t manage to whip in some shopping! And of course i stumble across a CyberDog stockist, like one of my favourite brands, Cyberdog is more than just glow sticks! My fluffy pink gilet is actually from Cyber dog!

Amsterdam isn’t just smoking,sex and rave shops theres also billions of independent fashion design shops as well as millions a gorgeous little vintage shops full of gorgeous little fabulous things, such as this 
 Escada jacket for only 45 Euros…. i know bargain!

The shops are scattered all over the side streets connecting gazzilions of beautiful canals.

Theres also lots of shops filled with antiques, bric-a-brac and random mental gorgeous fabulous little things

Clogs…coming to you AW19 (Trust me I’m a stylist ;P)

See I’m well ahead of the trends me…

I picked up some presses for my loved ones!

And some souvenirs for myself!

Making friends in Amsterdam!

More hot footwear!

All shopped out in Amsterdam its back to our super fabulous home the Westcord Fashion Hotel!