Dr Martens… #StandForSomething new campaign!!!

I am TOTZ hearting Dr. Martens new campaign: #standforsomething!!

.dr mart


Here is the campaign video:

The campaign wants to encourage y’all to all be individuals and to stand out from the crowd, especially if you believe in something. Deep or what?! But ideal advice, basically Babez, be major!

My fav part of the vid is the drag queen inclusion, cant get enough!!

doc mart drag

The campaign footage features a cast of 13 including band The Minx, Rude Kid, Wildcat Will, Sap.

But lets not forget that Doc Martens are also all about  the shoes, and they are corkers!!

These are my top 3 boots:

1. Monochrome could not be more in right now and these boots are a perfect combo of fashion and punk, whilst also being super fierce due to the studs! How could you not resist purchasing these bad boys?!

Dr. Martens Dai Boots £160

doc 5


2. These pink quilted beauties are also a fav. Snap them up to make your look a lil more girly punk!

Dr Martens Coralie Boot in Pink £125

3. These gold DM’s will spice up any outfit and are perfect for a night out as they are eye-catching but also major comfy so you can keep boogy boogy boogaaaaying all night!

Dr. Martens 1461 Shoe in Gold £85

doc 4

Dr Martens can be styled with anything but skinny jeans and baggy crop tops are an ideal combo!

I  stand up for being fierce and wearing whatever i love!! What do y’all all think and #standupfor?? Holla at me Babez!