Style Site discussion panel

Last year I had the honour to sit alongside Topman’s design director Gordon Richardson , Grazia’s Paula Reed , Designer Tim Soar , Journalist Navaz Batliwalla aka Disney Roller Girl and Style Sight’s Isham Sardouk. Style Sight is an industry-leading content and technology site for professionals in the style, fashion and design sectors. 
It basically predicts the trends for the next 3/4 years… amazing right?!

I was asked to be on the live discussion panel in front of a hungry live audience! 
 We discussed everything from what are trends, who sets them, why do we have them and do we even need them?!
 It was an amazing night hosted by the Fashion Retail Academy, and a big thank you to Exposure Pr and Style Sight for inviting me to be part of such an inspirational evening :) xxx
Please check the video below, shows a bit of me getting my chats on!