T4 Live Show Week 2

Alexis, its week two of T4’s New Look : Style the Nation , and that means you have to select another contestant….
 But seriously first things first….
 So I pick Dina from the Cardif crew – I like that shes apparently got ‘the chat’ …
This snazzy little number im wearing above is by super duper designer Yang Du !
“Hiya Dina, nice kitchen, so your brief is androgyny, lets do it!…”

Dina and I hit the high street hard but I felt it was time to hit some where a little more one – off …
And please note how dashing my coat and matching t-shirt is by designer Katie Eary
Saucy jeans by Levis…
Off I toodle pipped to have a big bath… once i found my way out of my Jeremy Scott
for Adidas tshirt…
Day 2 and my Venti Skinny Chai Tea Latte wispers to me that we are still on the high street…
OH NO, tears, its really really tough doing this competition and I bet it looks real easy when your sat at home, so I gave Dina a big hug as Mama Mentor.
 My Jaimaca tie die dress is from Beyond Retro and my leather bomber jacket is by Adidas
So we tracked down a vintage shop and had great success!!!
 Next thing we knew our outfits were done and we were at the live show! 
Watching the outfits go down the catwalk back stage….

The moment of truth….

Agh we lost :(

My not impressed eyes….
And congrats to Kat and Alex!

Claps for everyone!xXx