T4 Style the Nation Live Show week1!

Saturday saw the first in the series of T4’s LIVE new show…drum roll please….

Featuring Nick Grimshaw,Giles Deacon, New Looks amazing Barbara Horspool, mentor and style guru Kat Byrne and gimpy me!

Yes two enthusiastic thumbs up please!
(“Are you looking at my baps?”

Chilling in my dressing room waiting to get dolled up! These cheeky shoes are by Terry De Havilland….

Yay Mitzy Make up Queen…making me not look too offensive for all you hang-overs watching the show…

And here she is my first contestant Caia! What a sweety! AND WHO WON MAY I ADD…blates…you go gurl!

And the huuuge major stage and live audience who we penned in as they are rather rowdy over Grimmers…

Filming behind the scenes,the contestants Caia and Jeniffer putting the finishing touches to their 3 outfits!

Forget Giles and Grimmers the real pieces of totty are the very very talented Leigh and Mark…

And here we are the Stylist Mentors! Me and the fabulous Kat Byrne of Closer Magazine and my competition through out the show (what competition eh?!-fighting talk!)

My gorge suede dress is by Rokit vintage! xXx