Time Off!

I have been a VERY busy stylist (hence zero blogging) Literally worked 24 days in a row… So when Jubilee weekend came along I decided to PARTAAAY!

Friday night I started with dinner and chats a go go with the SUPER lovely designer Roberto Piqueras (I styled his last fashion show…will blog it ASAP!) He’s wearing one of his own hats…. Ps loving Bangladesh.

I got home and my EBay purchases arrived! I think it will be my next party outfit… A Quicksilver rash top (the word rash makes it sound gross… But remember Angelina Jolie rocking one in the film Hackers?YES HOT LOOK!)
The silver mini skirt is from…TAMMY GIRL!!!! Epic.Yes.

Also a fresh pair of Buffalos arrived! This is my 3rd pair in this colour and style…excessive I know but I like them crisp!

Saturday! And I pop on my brand new JuJu Jelly shoes and off take over my sisters garden for a BBQ….

She’s got a splendid house.


Mr Random Bangle will take two please.

Shaun Bass is what’s hot in the kitchen.

My Sister Knox…. Katie….& the one and only Gabriel Love.

Roberto can’t stay away, despite Cesars attempts ;P

All Sunday I sleeeeeep and then it’s time to wake up to go to my mate Jim Warboys night SOS in Angel, which is perfect time to whip out my brand new EPIC earrings made specially for me by WWW.LOVEMYCUSTOM.COM…. Check out the AK.

After some photobooth loving we head on out to catch Roberto Djing….

Got my rash on…..


Rocking my Jubilee Buffalos


I’ve uploaded TONNES of photos of the night on my Tumblr WWW.ALEXISKNOX.TUMBLR.COM
and Instagram… Which I’m loving as its way more interactive! Search ALEXISKNOX

Next morning it was off to the shops in my PJs (yes Jeremy Scott & Casette Playa) to get BBQ supplies!

A 3 day week and then I shall unleash the party times again! 😀