Ultranocturne Exhibition

The absolute Babez Jodie Harsh has revealed her PHENOMENALLY FIERCE latest project ‘Ultranocturne’, a collaboration with photographer Tim Bret-Day and designers David Bray and Lee Stuart.


It is a digital exhibition of portraits of 100 of London’s regulars on the underground nightlife scene, all located in the pinnacle that is Room Service nightclub.


The iconic Room Service club brand is a place where ‘loud beats pulse, inhibitions disappear and the sweet smell of sex is in the air. Room Service is a particular fave haunt of mine and I recently hosted there: it is AMAZING!!


Here is me at Room Service wearing at Meat Official Clothing werqing my fav look: ponytail platform princess (!!) with my boyfriend (!) New York Rapper Cazwell and girlfriend DJ and Business extraordinaire Jodie Harsh!



The exhibition is an absolute sinful visual treat!! If you’re a fan of cheeky ensembles and all things dark, naughty and outrageous, you will love it! The pictures are amazing: colourful, unique and totally fierce.. Your attention will not wander for a moment, I was completely captivated!



The reviews are fabulous as well, Portis Wasp quoted:  ‘I knew it would look great, as all Room Service promos do, but I certainly didn’t expect, after clicking through, that I would spend the next hour glued to my computer screen’. YAY!!

So scroll through it on your computer just at the touch of a button, and if a particular portrait really tickles your fancy, you can purchase it off the website.


Here’s my gal Jodie Harsh looking absolutely rad in her portrait with her make-up perfected by the super talented Adam Burrell!! Why would you not want to buy this piccie?!


 I first met Jodie at the notorious fashion club night Circus where i have worked the door, hosted and also DJ’ed! Have a nosey of this promo video for Circus that i styled and directed by Gabriel Gettman: MAJOR!!


But what is even more MAJOR is the clothes inspired by the exhibition that are on sale on the website. Check out these FIERCE garms:


The amazing face diamond look on this tee was created by another of my fabulous makeup artist friends Michelle Webb


 ….. i will blog about her soon too!!!!


1. Ultranocturne Edition Joel- £69

2. Ultranocturne Edition Mark- £69

3. Tiger Skull- £80