So i sat for about an hour attempting to screen grab some snap shots from the first show to give you the D’lo….
The intro in my rockin Kokon to Zai dress…..
 Picking our contestant in a Kokon to Zai tshirt dress….

 So then Caia and I hit the shops with 3oo spondoolies and 48 hours to come up with 3 smashing looks to win over u… the genny p… thats general public….
 Rocking my Nike Destroyer ‘London’jacket and you guessed it…Kokon to Zai trousers…
So we decide to get arty with the scissors…..
 Whilst Caia sews into the night I tell you how to get the festival look….amazing clothes pulled by the talented stylist Natalie Hubbard…
 Animal hood by Spirit Hoods which i love and sunglasses by Claires
and believe it or not dress by the one and only major KOKON TO ZAI!!!!…..
 Any one spot me pulling this charming face…..
 So its the next day and….
 Concentrating face….and im thinking…im thinking “where is my jacket from?”….hmmmm….
oh yeah…..
 So we are in the studio and that Sophie Ellis Bexter girl only went and threw a last minute challenge at poor Caia…whooooooo smashed it!

 My dress is from Rokit.
So the genny ps have voted and the winner is…..
 So if this excitement wasnt enough please catch it on 4od!!!!!
Mucho love xXx