Cyber Monday!!!


If there was ever a day I could call my national holiday, it would be today: it’s Cyber Monday!!! Noted as the busiest online shopping day of the year (it’s the new Black Friday!) it’s an excuse to get my cyber on!! (Also, shopping AND cyber? Come on!)

As some of you may have noticed, my personal style is really inspired by all things cyber: The fluoros, the metallics, and the expressive, but also attitude of the style is a perfect combination for me. I’m obsessed with space,the greater cosmos and dystopian futures-  so in cyber wear you can play out your own future fantasies. Here are a few of my fav cyber looks!


Wearing my fave Dane 3001


Wearing Tinned Bananas

Wearing Dane 3001 again…AMAZINGLY THIS is the ORIGINAL costume made for MEL B of THE SPICE GIRLS for their Istanbul Tour:


Wearing Burnt Soul Clothing

So last night was this look

I picked up my outfit below in Camden – my fave shopping destination – apart from ebay ;P


I put this combo together from purchases off Ebay!



No Cyber outfit is complete without Cyber Nails!



Every Monday should be #CyberMonday!!