#AlexisKnoxStyling with Petite Meller!


It was sooooo lovely styling a photo shoot with the musician Petite Meller for the next issue of Notion Magazine! Here’s a shot of me in action, both Petite Meller and I decked out in fur by Charlotte Simone, as even though its summer…it’s still London! We decided to head out to the go car track outside of the studios we were shooting in. Petite is such a beautiful, delicate personality but so strong in her style and idea of creating beautiful things, it really was such a fun collaboration, it’s always amazing to see another woman who knows herself well enough to take control on set. YOU GO GIRL!!! Xx


Pose baby pose!! Petite Meller really knew how to make the best of this windy day on set – no wind machine needed for these fabulous hair flicks!! WERK IT!! This coat she’s wearing is by Nafsika Skourti; a scandalous cream coloured number that I am absolute OBSESSED with!! It looked gorgeous on Petite’s skin tone.

DSC_0416 (1).

Petite Meller being shot by photographer Simon Harris. This location was so fun!! The Go Karters in the back really gave the shoot an extra dimension of motion! And check out Petite werking the tyres – who knew a simple tyre could look so fabulous!! And as always it was a pleasure to work with Simon.


HOW CUTE?! When Petite Meller asked for Price Knox to be featured in the shoot, he could not resist! Can you tell? 😉 I guess some of us are born posers and from these fierce poses that Petite and Prince are giving they must be 2 of them! Check him out striking a fierce pose with Petite Meller on the side of a Go Kart – Model behaviour from the pair of them! Make sure you check out the full fabulous feature of Petite Meller in Notion Magazine.